it transparent and see through


Do this tight have a pocket?


What is the hip size for this Tight?

This Tight is made up of high quality stretchable material, it will fit any hip size. 

Is it durable for running and exercise?

Yes it is very comfortable for running and exercising.

Is this durable for dancing purpose?


Can i wear it at gym ?

Yes you can, it’s very supportable during workout.

Is that high waist ?

Yes it is.

Is it cotton fabric ?

No, it’s polyester and spandex combined material and is not seethrough so u can buy it without second thought as sweat marks are not seen after workout.

After wearing does it looks shabby or get some folds between the thighs ?

No quality of fabric is very good as it doesn’t get any fold or wrinkles on low pressure.

Is it ankle length size or knee length size ?

Its is ankle length size .

Is it padded ?

Yes it is lightly padded and the pads are removable too. Top of FormBottom of Form.

Is it side opening ?

No! it is like a pullover.

 What size should I buy for 34d ? 

Large size should fit you! if at all there is any issue in size, you can exchange it. Bottom of Form Top of Form.

Is it side opening ?

No! it is like a pullover. 

What is the material ?

Micro  Poly Cotton and Spandex

What is the size ?

This is free size
fits from 30 to 38 size chest(inches).

 Does it fits all cup size ? 

Yes absolutely ,if the cups are not fitting well , you have the option of removable cups.

Is this suitable for heavy gym exercises and running on treadmill ?

Yes there is no problem at all with the product.

Is it suitable for intense running ?

Yes you can use it not only for running but for intense workout also.

Can i return if not good fit ?

Yes you can return this within 45 Days. For further information check our Return and Refund Policy